Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I am attempting to list the links for 861 info segments so I can download them to save. Click "Save Target As" to download to your computer. Over 73 mb total.

preface.sfw 1.2 MB

861_1.swf 6.5 MB

861_2.swf 5.6 MB

861_3.swf 3.6 MB

861_4.swf 6.1 MB

861_5.swf 9.4 MB

861_6.swf 4.9 MB

861_7.swf 11.0 MB

861_8.swf 6.5 MB

861_9.swf 9.7 MB

861_10.swf 9.4 MB

credits.swf 273 KB


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to these links? Have they been shut down by the irs? What happened to freedom of speech in this country?


8:04 PM  

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